Sneak Peek: Book Review on “Frantic”

A little while ago I reviewed Mike Dellosso’s book, Darkness Follows. When I had the chance to apply to become a part of his newly formed The Darlington Society, I didn’t waste any time thinking about it and recently joined. Dellosso sent me his manuscript, “Frantic,” for an early review. I’m not sure whether to call Dellosso’s novel, Frantic, Christian Horror or Christian Supernatural, but like Darkness Follows, Frantic goes at a frantic pace.

“When I set out to write Frantic I knew I wanted a story that literally moved along at a frantic pace (pun intended). I wanted readers to keep turning pages, to feel breathless as they zoomed through the story.” says Mike Dellosso in his email to the society.

The story is about Marnin, a man born with a curse. Everyone around him dies from some awful incident and so he isolates himself as a gas station attendant run by a man almost father-like to him. Marnin’s life changes on a dime when a car drives up to get gas and he notices the strangeness of the setting. A woman sits in the backseat and looks troubled. He tries to do his job, but he keeps looking at the girl and asking the man in the drivers seat questions. The frantic pace begins as the car drives away and Marnin sees the crumpled note in it’s wake. On it, the woman had written, “He’s going to kill me.” What a way to begin the story!

Interspersed between story paces, Dellosso shares pieces of Marnin’s life. We also learn about the amazing little brother of the woman in distress. There’s darkness spreading like blood the deeper you get into the story until you reach the climax. Your breathe catches; your heart nearly bursts out of its cavity; and you are gripping the pages of the manuscript, compelled to read it to the very end no matter the lateness of the evening; or how much your husband yells from the bedroom, “It’s a work night. Come to bed.”

*Book given by Charisma House and The Darlington Society to review. As a member this in no way influences my review.