How Many Souls?

“How many have you brought to Christ?” was the question I always felt guilty over when someone would ask it in Christian circles or through sermons.


I have brought no one to Christ. Yet, I can say I don’t feel guilty about it anymore. It was something Blanca said on a Sunday while relating her testimony. Not one single person brings anyone to Christ; not one person can bring anyone to Christ; Christ brings people to Him; and the people who can count on their fingers how many souls they harvested can’t take credit for that either. They’ve unintentionally forgotten the ones who pressed the seed into the soil, the others who watered that seed and grew it, until someone harvested.

A team effort; not a single person’s effort; and not even their own effort. Bringing someone to Christ as Pastor Chris said is a supernatural thing—a spiritual miracle. I’m a planter.

The kind of planting I do doesn’t leave crusted dirt beneath my fingernails. I press the seed into the soil and cover it with more soil. Then, they leave and someone else waters. Someone else harvests. But it is God who leads the unsaved to Him—those whose names are written in the Book of Life. Sometimes, those seeds fall to the wayside and never grow, and we mourn because their future looks so uncertain and dismal. It’s important not to “write them off.” It’s important to pray for the unsaved—our families, our enemies and our friends.

Has Christ used you to bring someone to Him? How long did it take?


2 thoughts on “How Many Souls?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I also struggled with the guilt of “not winning souls”. I think it’s important we all have our role to play but the Holy Spirit is the one who draws.His own.


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