Touring Arizona Coffee Houses: Havens for Writers Series

Personally, I find the best place to de-stress is in a coffee house. Some might grumble the lattes are overpriced and McDonald’s has cheaper drinks, but coffee houses go way back to the 1400s. The first one opened in Constantinople. We’ve come a long way since then, but why do we pay so much for what is essentially ambiance?

In this new column, I am going to take you with me on a tour to discover unique coffee houses in Arizona. I will provide photos, a review, and an interview of the owners.  You will learn new things about them like what charities they contribute to, what they believe, and maybe I can convince them to share a recipe or two. You will also see why coffee houses are such a haven for writers from this writer.

I will review the coffee house on coffee, ambiance, food freshness and taste, and highlight the little things they do that make their place so unique. This column will go for a long time and before each post I will announce it on my Facebook, Google, and Twitter pages.

Be aware that I will not post bad reviews. I will visit a coffee house before I email the owner for an interview and gain permission to take photos. If I don’t like the coffee house, it will not appear here. This doesn’t mean that because one doesn’t appear here that it’s a bad place to visit. It might mean I haven’t ordered coffee from there yet.

The first column will post in December.  I also take suggestions. You can email me at to send me your preferences.

I hope you’ll join me as I discover these small wonders.


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