Clash of the Personalities

Things may become frustrating in your friendships. Personalities clash. People don’t meet your expectations. Maybe they aren’t being totally truthful. Before you think about walking away, think about what Mary De Muth said this week in her newsletter:

“I need to connect, folks. God is pushing me toward it. And He used a well-written TV show to stir in me a longing I felt had died. Because of the show, I want to know my neighbors. Because of the relationships, tangled as they were, I long to pursue new friendships. Even with the pain that comes when we invest and see the investment fizzle, I would rather step into relationship than to withdraw.”

Connecting is a basic human need, and we need each other. A real relationship cannot stand on lies, envy, or pride. The Bible has many places for you to go to enrich your life and the lives of others, if only you have a desire for authentic friendships and the truth. I know I have that desire, and because of my past I know that I am strong enough through Christ to weather anything. He is my strength.

What relationships are you struggling with this week?


7 thoughts on “Clash of the Personalities”

  1. Oh wow, this has been a common theme in my prayers for two weeks, how did you know? I have been praying that the Lord will reign in my heart and give me a heart of peace and reconciliation and LOVE. There is a relationship between two people I dearly love and I want so to see a reconciiation before Heaven! Thank you for writing about this, it is so important. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….our God is so good! Lori


    1. I am glad that you wrote this. I love being used as an answer to prayer. So often I have had God use other people to answer my prayers and it’s wonderful. :o) Have a great thanksgiving! And don’t give up!


    2. Dear Lord, you know these two people. I pray that reconciliation and love is possible for them. If this answer to prayer is a sign, Lord of things to come, please put peace in Loris’ heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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