Dropping Bread Crumbs

How do you lead someone through a story without dropping bread crumbs to the obvious conclusion?

I was pondering this the other day when I crafted Thursdays’ post, The Path for Faith Barista. Every Thursday I post according to the topic, but sometimes we get so mired in seriousness that I have to approach the topic a different way. One Thursday, I posted a humorous story for the Thursday topic with a serious point in a post called Moses’ Android. We spend too much time on the cell phones and pay less attention to the people around us. We forget to be present. Being present is more powerful than any blog post we could ever write.

Today’s post is about being grateful. I wanted to tell a story to make a point, but then wondered how I could do it without someone drawing the obvious conclusion? I guess that’s why they call writing a craft. It’s not always easy.

Instead, I chose to write that post for another day and ask you: What are you most grateful for? I want you to think beyond the obvious and think of something hardly ever spoken of and less appreciated or overlooked. Please share it with us. Then, write a prayer about it with your comment. This is my way to be present with you and allow me to share in your life.





15 thoughts on “Dropping Bread Crumbs”

  1. I’m grateful for having posts like this to read, because this is a community online. My prayer right now for the moment is that I’ve had a very bad flu and I pray I can just be at peace during the healing process. It’s taking so long and I can’t sleep well! :p


  2. Dear God,
    thank you for the honor of allowing me to walk after a car accident. After the accident I was angry that Iwas unable to do the activies I have to come to love. Now taht i ahve completed weeks of physical therapy I have been cleared to walk on a regular basis. This could only happen with your healing touch.

    Thank you for allowing me to contuniue raising my children. If you were not with us on the day of the accident i would not be here today.

    In your name,


  3. @jeri and @Caroline and @mari-anna

    Dear Lord, thank you for bringing these women here today. I pray for Caroline for strength during moments of struggle; for Jeri and family relationships to grow strong in you and that there be many good memories. May Mari-anna’s children grow strong in you. In Jesus Name, Amen


  4. I’ll combine the prayer and the topic of gratitude. 🙂

    God, I thank You today for the ability to take a deep breath. To feel that relaxation and tightness fade away with an exhale. I thank You for ears to hear my toddler breathing deeply as he naps. I thank You for all around us – troubles, blessings, and all – because You are with us and all of this is truly a gift. Cause me to remember that when I struggle. Amen.


  5. I praise God for the relationships in our family to continue to bond stronger in trust and reliance with God’s love and grace at the center.

    Thank you for doing this Nikole. God Bless.


  6. I wrote about being grateful for the day for Faith Barista. How obvious is that except that we live in them daily without, as you said “being present.”

    I wrote a different kind of blog (for me) that turned toward the gospel. Like wasting time on a phone, I can spend a lot of time writing and never write about what is most important. Will you pray about that for me? Because time is too short and the days pass to quickly to be wasting words that don’t need to be written.

    Thanks in advance for the prayer.


    1. I will pray for you, Dea. I wouldn’t go so far as to say what you write isn’t important. You never know how God will use your words. Being present is so very important. Writing is important too to reach those in places where being present isn’t possible. Encouragement is important. Dear Lord, please guide Dea’s words and make every word count, even the ones she thinks aren’t important. In Jesus Name, Amen.


  7. I’m most grateful for a LIVING God who’s actively present in our lives (if we want to, that is). That is the most amazing thing and I hope my own children will grow into enjoying a love relationship with God Almighty. And that’s my hope for the whole world. There’s nothing better than that.

    Thanks for asking, Nikole. Hope my answer was not too obvious. BLESSINGS!


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