Book Review: Mine Is The Night

This is the third book I have reviewed for Liz Curtis Higgs. You can read my review of the last book in this series, “Here Burns My Candle” and my review of her study, “Bad Girls of The Bible.”

From “Here Burns My Candle,” Elisabeth Kerr, now a widow, must make her life in a town of her mother-in-law’s home. Both her mother-in-law and Elisabeth must barge in on distant cousin for shelter. The story continues to mimic The Book of Ruth in “Mine is The Night.”

Elisabeth is a talented seamstress and at first you think a romance might bud between her and the local tailor. True to Higg’s usual writing style, she tricks you and leads you in another unexpected direction—that of a house on Bell Hill owned by a rich Baron loyal to King George.

In trying to mimic the Book of Ruth however, there was one part toward the end where Marjorie Kerr mentions that the Reverend discovered a distant, ancestral link between the Kerr relatives and that of Lord Buchanan. In my opinion, that part of the story felt forced as if to stay as close as possible to the biblical story of Ruth rather than flow naturally with the plot at hand. Also, the part where Elisabeth curls at the Lord’s feet in order to tell him she was no longer in mourning felt unnecessary to the story. I wasn’t sure where that all fit in the broader picture. It could have been cut and I wouldn’t have missed it. Elisabeth could have simply arrived at the ball in the lavender dress to declare her end of mourning.

In spite of these small details, I absolutely loved the book and it kept me reading even when I should have begun working on other things that day.

*book given by publisher to review.


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