It’s finally cold. Leaves form miniature hills on each side of the cobbled walk. I am heading to one of my favorite haunts, The Wild Iris Coffee Shop.

Its lunch time and I need a break away from the office to sip coffee and write. Dog walkers are bundled in thick coats. The sky is a deep blue, sparsely populated by clouds.

I am content.

I run to the crosswalk not wanting to miss the light and spend more minutes waiting and finally arrive at the shop. This time I did not break the piggy bank to get a regular cup of coffee. A stressful day deserves a treat. Or at least that’s my rationalization. My husband will need some sweet talking to convince him of the extra dollars spent today.

It’s interesting what one hears in a coffee shop.

Two men are talking; one man sounds like Gabby Hayes (okay, some of you younger ones are giving me blank looks, but I grew up on Roy Rogers and loved Gabby).

Gabby talks about religion. “I found religion.”

As if you could find it, I thought.

“Really?” The other man leans his chin on his palm.

Gabby laughs. “Yeah, my girlfriend…” And he continues his conversation, bashing his girlfriend and religion in one breath.

One day you are not going to bash it. One day you will see and I hope it’s not too late.

You don’t find religion. You can’t become religious to appease your girlfriend or relatives. You’re either a believer in Christ or one in darkness. We are not allowed to sit on the fence anymore. In this culture, we can worship anything, but according to God we can only worship Him.

And that’s not a religion.

It’s a way of life.

I return my empty coffee cup to the bin and throw away my napkin. I have five minutes to walk to work. Plenty of time! I breathe in the fall air and hurry back to the office with a more relaxed frame of mind.