260 Kids

Every year that Halloween arrives the same debates fire up. “Good and loving Christian goes against good and loving Christian,” as one blogger stated—a subtle reminder of how we should act to one another. Halloween is a great time to meet your neighbors as I stated here on October 28.

My mother and father-in-law joined us this Halloween. My father-in-law found a comfortable spot and began to keep a notes on the whole evening. The weather cooled. The garage opened at 5 p.m. The crowds came at 6 p.m. until 8:30 when the streets began to clear. We had firefighters giving out candy from the back of their truck, and overall enjoyed visiting with 260 kids and countless adults. We went through 9 pots of coffee (coffee and homemade cookies for the adults; candy for kids) and had only 5 cookies left. The crowd of adults that night went through an entire jumbo size container of creamer.

Some of the comments were uplifting.

“This is so cool!”

“What a great idea!”

“We should do this!”

“It’s like Starbucks!”

A neighbor who lived on the other street introduced herself. Some remembered us from years prior. The adults were thrilled to have a hot beverage on such a cold night and were surprised to see a feast of homemade cookies. Apparently, they were passing the word onto others on the street.

Some adults were reticent about approaching and stayed at the edge of the driveway. Maybe next year they will approach as others have done this year, and we’ll get to know them, too. Christian music played in the background until our station regretfully went to talk radio. Then, we had to settle for country music.

 What did you do for Halloween? How many kids did you have?


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  1. I love this! We have not had very many kids come by our apartment in the last 12 plus years living here. We have had kids come by the day after Halloween asking if we have any left and if they can have it. So the last two years I have left the light off and not bought any due to I eat it all then and don’t want to.

    Our church does a trunk or treat with hot beverages for adults also.

    I do a Halloween party with kids in my daycare class every year.


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