The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Forced to be Still

My Sunday mornings are usually frantic. I lead set-up, tear-down, prayer team, and the hospitality team alongside my husband in our worship environment. The table clothes have to be put out, Hospitality need their assignments, and an endless, anxious to-do list forms in my mind; except this morning…

A scarcity of volunteers allowed me to be still. I prayed at my table, reading my devotional, praying the prayers, and reading the scriptures. Many at our church volunteer in multiple ministries. It’s both rewarding and exhausting to volunteer and lead, but I am growing through these responsibilities.

Yes, I miss the Sundays when I could impulsively decide not to come to church and instead run off into the mountains for solitude, but God is using the ministries and the people in them to change my heart. The most important lessons I learned this week and today–Be still. Be Available. Be Present.

I sat versus running outside at 9:45 a.m. to do a Prayer Walk. I sat versus looking anxiously around and struggling with my tendencies to control things.

I sat.

I worshiped.

I breathed.

I was content.

Describe your “be still” moment.

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4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Forced to be Still”

  1. Oh wow, do I remember those days of frenetic energy. But it was also attached to some of my most meaningful worship experiences. I love this—“Be still. Be Available. Be Present”.

    Says it all, right there. 🙂


  2. My be still moment, I was out at the cabin in north Missouri- we had just pulled in – and the moon was so big and so bright – had just risen up past the trees. I just got out of the truck and stood there in awe of God’s creation.


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