Book Review: The Encounter

For those of you who have lived with “daddy issues” for years, The Encounter will bring you to the brink of tears.

Jonathon Rush is a wealthy celebrity entrepreneur (think Steve Jobs). He never knew his mother. He grew up in a orphanage until age 9 when a couple adopted him. His anger at his mom abated years following the adoption, but after his adopted parents died in a violent car wreck the anger re-emerged.

Rush is known as someone who can’t get a hold of his temper and has been known to completely decimate someone by the blows of his words. The anger grew until Rush could no longer deny it and he attempted to take his life. A pastor friend of a friend began to guide him, demanding that he go back to Alaska and find his real mom. The mission was to figure out why his mother gave him up.

From here we get to hear Rush’s side and his mother’s side of the story. Every word in Arterburn’s work of fiction has tension. He writes succinctly, not wasting a single word, and the story is straightforward. You won’t get many adjectives, but there is just enough to give you a poetic picture of Fairbanks, Alaska, and a picture of each of the character’s personality traits.

At the end of the book, there’s a “Solitude and Discussion Guide.” Normally, in fiction I skip those parts, but in this case, I would make an exception. The novel is a teaching tool. Forgive or let anger destroy your life. I caution those who have left toxic and abusive relationships. Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. It means you have stopped being angry at the person who hurt you emotionally or physically. If you are enduring “daddy issues,” I would recommend this book.

Tune in tomorrow to read about Stephen Arterburn. He answers an important question for me. Book given by publisher to review.

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