Pointing Finger Is Pointing
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There are many new bloggers who are making the same mistakes that I made at the beginning. Even now, I wince at my earlier blogs. You either get very little substance in the body of the post or you get too many fingers pointing at YOU. YOU’RE the problem. YOU’RE at fault. YOU’RE making the mistakes. Notice the amount of YOUS in the body of your post. Some blogs have very little I’s in the post. That’s not to say they are being less self-centered. They simply have shifted the blame elsewhere.

It’s the church’s fault.

It’s my parents fault.

It’s my children’s fault.

It’s my neighbor’s fault.

YOU did that.

Someone said in a blog early on in my blogging days that too many YOUS and you turn off bloggers. I came off as condescending, unloving, and less transparent.  Let me clarify.

Sometimes, it IS someone’s fault. It’s part of the story you are telling. Remember, though, to admit your fault, too. Change your YOUS to, “I,” and see how many of your readers will be able to relate to you.

It’s the church’s fault, but I could have handled the situation better, and…

It’s my parent’s fault, but I am responsible for the choices I made as an adult and should not have allowed that influence. I should have…

It’s my children’s fault, but I…

It’s my neighbor’s fault, but I…

I did that, too.

Notice the change of tone. We went from YOU did that to I, and suddenly I can relate to you, perhaps even grudgingly admit my own fault in something that I have been dodging. Take away the accusatory tone and you have conversation and transparency.

Examine your blogs. Do you point fingers?


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  1. Good advice Nikole. I think using my stupidity and shortcomings ( I have plenty of it) as a source of humor is a good way to reach an audience with a message as well.


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