Has Anyone Seen My Self-Confidence?

The intention was to re-examine how I ask for help and use my gifts to re-think volunteer strategy. I wrote a paragraph describing what it’s like to help in an area that needed more volunteers. The other day that paragraph of what I wrote was read back to me for grammar correction.

Complete strangers read my manuscripts. Their criticisms do not terrify me. However, people I respect who read my manuscripts make me tremble.

I tensed.

The person reading it back pointed out one word and I laughed at myself for getting so nervous. Most people can’t wrap their minds around how a gregarious person can be shy.  I find that trait in my personality annoying.

Why is it that I can submit the first 1500 words to a thick-skin critique without blinking an eye and yet when my friends read it I want to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich?

The first time I participated in my Word Weavers critique group my stomach felt as if someone had taken it in both hands and gave it a good twist. Surprisingly, it went well and has been going well ever since. My confidence is growing.

Lately, I trembled at the thought of friends reading my novel should it become published. That shyness again and fear of rejection returned and I know I must be as brave as I am in blogging. Not everyone will like it. I expect criticism and I expect some will love it. It’s the rocky path I chose to walk.

Can you relate?


4 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen My Self-Confidence?”

  1. I am sure that many many more will like than dislike your work, if this blog is any example. I’ve been trembling too, for far too long. Lift your head and take a deep breath and Smile at them!


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