The Gift of An Isolated Moment

“Why didn’t you text them?” Tony kept asking me after he arrived home from work.

Friends forgot a pre-planned lunch date on Saturday at Wildflower Bread Company. I could have called them. Maybe most people would have called immediatley, or sulked about it over a cup of coffee.

Not me.

“I had to go into town anyway.” I bought a cup of coffee and a morning glory muffin. I enjoyed sitting quietly in a booth, bathed in sunshine. No computer or pressing need distracted me. I took out a book and read, grateful not to be in a hurry.

I’ll probably call them this week and reschedule, but I relished that unexpected quiet moment on Saturday. My friends are usually very reliable and I know something probably came up. Plus, you can’t get mad at someone when their mistake gave you an isolated moment away from the everyday. A gift of rest from God.

What happened when your plans went awry? How did you react?





16 thoughts on “The Gift of An Isolated Moment”

  1. I’m enjoying the gift of time right now! Hubby off to work early, daughter not yet awake, Grandpa already breakfasted and hugged, I post and read and comment thankfully, waiting on God’s right moment to get up and go with my day.

    Plans going awry? Don’t they always on me? I call it walking on water, how I take the change or start to drown emotionally or spiritually. Learning to walk on the water by focusing on God who really is in control; my plan A wasn’t his.


  2. I agree with the first commenter: life is too short to be mad, anyway. And like you, I can’t complain about quiet times, even if we’re waiting. I get so little time alone that I don’t even mind waiting in doctors’ offices!


  3. Life is too short to me mad anyway, its not WWJD. I love those quite moments too, like standing in lines, gives you time for thought and prayer.


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