An Opportunity to Contribute!

From author, Sandi Green:

Two-thirds of at-risk children in this country don’t own a single book. This holiday season, my kids and I are doing a project together to help this need. We are filling tote bags with new or gently used age-appropriate books, along with items such as bookmarks, journals, pen/pencils, and local library information. I am working with non-profit organizations such as the Child Crisis Center and YoungLives to give the books to the children in their organizations. My hope is to educate children about reading/writing, but also to give kids their very own books.

So far I have bought all the items myself or I’ve asked stores for a discount on the books. I would love to do 100 bags, so I’m hoping for donations. I can use new or used children’s books (all ages), tote bags, bookmarks (with reading or learning slogans on them), journals, pens, pencils, magnet alphabet letters, and items to decorate plain bookmarks with (such as foam stickers, puff paints, etc…). It can be as simple as going through your children’s books and finding ones they no longer read, or going to a dollar store or second-hand store and picking up a book or two.

If you are interested, please let me know. I also have information on my website: I would appreciate if you could pass on this message in any way.