Book Review: No Wonder They Call Him the Savior

This book reminds me of a Snuggie.

You slip your arms into the sleeves and let the love wrap around you to ward off the chill of anger and unforgivness. It’s written in typical Max Lucado style—the master story teller telling the tale of the cross in a language we can all understand. While I didn’t care for the gun comment on page 12 because it smelled political, the rest of the book won me with its rich descriptions and warmth. I give this book four stars.

It’s not very deep or complicated. It has a great study guide in the rear of the book. I would consider this book perfect for an unbeliever. It delves into the question of what part really matters, and yet also talks about what a relationship with Christ looks like. It’s not wishy-washy and it doesn’t glaze over truth. Like a snuggie, Christ’s love covers sin and wraps us in the truth.

Book given by publisher to review.

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