Regarding Love Notes

Image by UnorthodoxY via Flickr

Faith Barista got me thinking about love notes today.

I’m jealous because she got one as a child in her locker at school.

I was always the giver, ever chasing after my prince…er…I thought they were a prince anyway.

Turns out as the dragons were chasing me, my prince was nowhere to be found. Instead, I sat in my dingy castle until one day I stopped waiting. That’s when the dragon was slain and I was finally rescued.

Funny thing about that prince…while my husband is my love and my best friend (and to some extent he played a part in rescuing me), my husband didn’t save me.

Jesus did.

Reminder: Friday’s post was guest blogger, Monica Sharman. She is posting today a blog in relation to the blog she wrote for my site here.


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