The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Random Acts of Love

photocredit: Ryan McNeeley

Seventeen-year old, Ryan McNeeley attends Elementz Student Ministries and volunteers on the Revive Worship Band. He posted on his Facebook status one evening last week that he really craved milk and cookies. That status was answered by an unexpected knock at the door a little while later when someone showed up with more cookies than McNeeley could eat in one evening. That someone is one of the Elementz volunteers and attends the Revive Worship Environment. This is not a solitary incident. Random acts of love have always occurred in our church.

Many of our volunteers and congregants have long taken an active interest in each other from mysterious gifts left on a secretary’s desk, gifts and cards left on top of the mail boxes for other attendees, to appreciation shown towards the pastors and staff in our church either in service or gift-form.

For McNeeley, this random act of love lifted his spirits. It also lifted the spirits of all those who left McNeeley comments beneath this picture. Many thanks to that someone who left the cookies, and thanks to all those other random acts of love which happens under the radar.  Random acts of love have far reaching effects and touch even the lives of those not on the receiving end of the gift.

Do you have a story to share about your church? Click here. Previously published in FBC Prescott’s KEEPING In Touch, October 11 written by me.


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