A Re-Evaluation of My Time

book given by publisher to review

Guest posting at Bibledude.net

He sat in his wheel chair on the corner of Goodwin and Granite Streets as if he meant to cross. The man did not follow the other pedestrians. Across the street, I carried my book and walked fast towards Wild Iris Coffee Shop and wondered why he sat unmoving in his wheel chair on the corner. At the time, my mind wandered over Chapter 3: Invitations to Practice the Presence of People.

Love can sound like a lovely, lofty idea, but it sometimes boils down to remembering a face, a name or a conversation. This sort of seeing happens in our bodies. And this fact, of course, is humbling. We forget names. We forget the name of the person talking to us right now because when they introduced themselves, we were only paying half attention. Love is not a sweet, dithery feeling; it is risky, humbling, time-consuming affair. When it is not humbling us with our self-centered blindness to others, it is guzzling our time like a race car guzzles gas. And since time is short, time is money, time is a-wastin’ and time is up, it takes practice to take the time to see people.” (pg. 61; Invitations from God by Adele Ashberg Calhoun; IVP publishing)

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