P.S. Don’t Give Me Pedicures, Manicures, or Massages

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In reference to my post on Sunday, September 25, “Women of Faith: My Cracked Feet,” I will make it clear.

I hate pedicures. Manicures are also on the list of my least favorite things to do. I like my broken nails. I love my cracked, ugly feet. I like my short, nail-bitten and worn nails and my dry cuticles. It’s a boundaries thing. I don’t feel comfortable having people touch my feet and manicures really don’t do anything for me except make me clean beneath them and interfere with my typing. Manicured hands also interfere with camping and getting dirty. I like getting dirty. I like not worrying about nail polish and whether the fake nails will stay on after being out in the woods or cleaning fresh kill. I’ve also tried massages.

A friend bought me a Spa coupon for a massage as well as other things. I ended up using it for two facials and let the rest of the coupon go because I don’t like massages. Once again, it’s a boundaries thing. I can’t relax. I can’t enjoy the experience. What can I say?

The best cure for stress is being out in the wilds or at home reading a book or writing. I like walking barefoot. As my friend, Cindy at Mama’s Empty Nest says, “Cracked feet are beautiful when they serve our Savior!”

I totally agree with her assessment.

I’ll walk barefoot for my Savior any day.


9 thoughts on “P.S. Don’t Give Me Pedicures, Manicures, or Massages”

  1. I’ve had one pedicure in my life and it was ok, I guess. My feet are pretty well used (I live in WV, for Pete’s sake! Love being barefoot). It’s just not on my usual radar…not the best way to pamper me. I’m with you on the outdoors!


  2. I don’t like manicures or pedicures either. It’s not a boundary thing, I just see them as unnecessary. Like you, I like to be in my bare feet and my feet “ain’t purty!” I’m not crazy about massages either. When our staff was treated to a mini massage on our staff retreat day, I was the only one who said it hurt! The only time a massage relaxed me was years ago when I injured my back. My chiropractor sent me to a massage therapist before each of my adjustments. Those actually did some good. But I’d rather have balm for my soul than for my body. So I’m with you, Nikki, ‘I’ll walk barefoot for my Savior any day!’


  3. I love the way God made each of us so unique! I do love a pedicure and sometimes a massage, but not always. I use to love to walk barefoot, but my feet are becoming more tender with age…I think the older we get the things switch with what we like and don’t like, but I loved your friend’s statement about cracked feet and yours about walking barefoot for Our Savior daily we must all walk and serve the way He calls each of us! Whether it is with a pedicure or without we must step out and serve where He calls us!


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