September Light

September sunlight slants through the front windows. It means Fall is just around the corner–the changing leaves, the color drooping from the branches. It means cooler weather and the beginning of the holidays. Moments like these remind me of my own changing.

The light is so clear, puddling on the carpet, and chasing away the shadows of yesterday. I stand by the glass, my palms flattened against it, seeing outside the sprigs of purple sage reaching for the sky, my purple plumbago crawling along the ground of my planter, and the bright mustard-yellow of my sunflowers—remnants of spring and summer; remnants of hope.

Tonight friends will knock on my door. I’ll feed them, set out my best china, and try to beat them soundly at Wii games. The September light reminds me that this life is short. The sun rises. The sun sets. Time passes. Moments wither and become memories like my flowers. I will not waste one more day on fear. Jesus is responsible for my season of change. I’ll choose to bask in this September light.

Describe your season of change.


8 thoughts on “September Light”

  1. I have a hard time with change… even if it change for the good. I love my routine. But you are right Jesus brings seasons of change into our lives and he is in control. I am glad because change is hard for me.


  2. I love the change in seasons, that’s one of the reasons I love living where I do. We have four very distinct seasons. But fall is my absolute favorite!! I love the changes in the season of life too because God is the author of all of them.


  3. I have really had to learn to love the change of seasons and change in general. I like routine and change means having to “trust and obey” –reminder of where I should be going on many levels.


  4. Oh….those leaves! I miss leaves most of all in Fall. I really must make a trip up north soon 🙂 My season of change is sharing caregiver duties, sharing my home with someone who is the polar opposite of me in every way…..but this is bringing lessons that I need to learn. And thankfully this time of the year is bringing blessedly cool weather in the mornings for walking! Lori


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