Women of Faith Recap: My Cracked Feet

Someone tapped on our hotel door.

I lounged on a chair, sipping a cup of chamomile tea with my ugly, cracked feet propped on the snow-white hotel bedspread. It was ten-thirty at night and we were just beginning to unwind from a long day at Women of Faith in Phoenix, Arizona when our visitor arrived.

Mary stood on our door step holding a glass of ice with a big grin spread across her face. What ensued was nearly an hour and a half of relaxing and wonderful conversation. I thought of Friday night on Saturday when Lisa Whelchel spoke about vulnerability versus transparency. Whelchel’s words struck me.

I twitter. I blog. I Facebook. I’m Linked-In. Some might even call me the social network queen. I mess up and the world immediately knows about it, but in that God is glorified. It’s my small rebellion against perfectionism–a learned and destructive behavior. But am I vulnerable?

My cracked feet, permanently stained dark from many hours walking barefoot, contrasted sharply with the snow-white, perfectly made bed in the hotel on Friday night. I smiled as I recalled Mary speaking about her Cafe Ole spots while M.T.M. let down her guard. Am I vulnerable? I questioned whether I am only transparent until I thought of that night in the hotel after the first session of Women of Faith. The three of us sat around the room–me with my dark, cracked feet and broken nails; Mary with her café ole spots; and M.T.M. in her broken vulnerability. We all sat vulnerable in that perfect hotel room sipping chamomile tea, chewing ice chips, and eating trail mix at nearly midnight.

But sorry, Lisa Whelchel, I don’t do group hugs.

On another note…

Giselle Aguiar to the left; Susan Ellingburg, right.

Women of Faith in Phoenix, Arizona had an arena full of graceful and good-natured women. I met Susan Ellingburg from Tasting God in real life during the lunch period. She introduced me to the Women of Faith Writing Contest winner, Giselle Aguiar who published Deo Volente! (sorry..picture a little fuzzy). I have asked Ms. Aguiar to submit a guest blog. So I will let you know later if that will happen when I follow-up next week. Also, I managed to get Andy Andrews to sign my program (left my copy of his book at home) and thanked him for doing a Vlog for my blog. It’s quite humbling.

Tomorrow: Women of Faith book Giveaway!


6 thoughts on “Women of Faith Recap: My Cracked Feet”

    1. Hate pedicures. Won’t get them. LOL. I prefer my dried cracked feet and my broken nails. It gives me the freedom to walk barefoot. :o) Walking barefoot is so satisfying.


  1. Sounds like a glorious time… being vulnerable is really what Soul Talk is all about. I am reading Soul Talk by Larry Crabb for my Care 101 class I am taking at church.

    Every person needs someone to be vulnerable with.


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