Book Review: Tried by War – Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief

What spurred me to begin adding history to my extensive monthly reading was two-part: (1) I got tired of just getting by and feeding my brain triviality, and (2) I had read from another author how history can make an author’s writing more in-depth. Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief put me in Lincoln’s world.

It’s amazing how similar politically Lincoln’s world was compared to our political world today. His generals in the beginning were flops and had Lincoln added Grant, Sheridan, and Sherman in charge as he did towards the end of the book, the Civil War would have had less casualties and it would have been through much sooner. Instead, to gain the cooperation and freedom for the slaves, he had to play political games while sticking to his beliefs.

I admired Lincoln all the more after reading this book. He was a brilliant and well-read man, but he processed thought more slowly. I enjoyed reading McPherson’s book. It will stay in our library for re-reading and for reference.

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  1. I just went to a civil war 150 celebration. I did not get to see the soldiers reenactment, but I did get to listen to dramas where they pretended to be variety of people during the civil war time period. It was interesting to hear the perspective of Missouri’s governor at the time. History just amazes me when done in this way. Like it is living history.


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