Book Review: The Oxbow Report

Colonial Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Orzan La Baugh and Archeologist Jack Rashad are brought together to solve the greatest mystery that mankind has ever encountered.” (Back Flap)

There’s no doubt that Mike Purington put his heart and soul into the novel, but I had trouble getting into the book. There’s a lot of info-dumping in the book and rabbit trails breaking up the tension. What I really wanted to get into was the story and see the promise on the back flap materialize:

Everything they believe is challenged as they seek to understand the curse of the serpent, to identify a mysterious visitor, to translate radio transmissions from deep space, and to keep secret the mysteries of an ancient civilization that rivals Egypt and the pyramids. This discovery places evolution and creationism at the forefront of discussion, and threatens to change the history of man, only enhancing the question…Where do we come from?”

However, this novel was too difficult to finish. I ended up getting frustrated. My readers can decide for themselves if they like the book. If you would like my copy of the book, please email me: The first person to email me requesting the book, will get it mailed to them on Friday.

Note: My intent is never to discourage a writer from pursuing writing. There will always be people who will like a book that I don’t like, and if this book were rewritten and reorganized so all the information the readers need to know is more evenly distributed and the tension heightened, I might have a different opinion. I know within the first chapter if a book will interest me. The prologue was well written, but Chapter One came out of nowhere and felt dry, disrupting the tension of the prologue. Please understand that bad reviews give me no pleasure and I dreaded writing this one. Obviously, three people endorsed the book and enjoyed it. I invite readers to investigate the book on their own. Perhaps you will enjoy it?

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