The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Mega Versus Small

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Recently, I was reading this article. While I won’t comment on the nature of the article, I will zero in on one stray comment:

“That’s the church of the rich,” one person stated from behind his Apple laptop.

Small churches aren’t the Robin Hood of our era, nor are mega churches the King Johns. As I wrote here, I once carried a prejudice against mega churches until I met one whose priorities weren’t just stopping short of discipling, but committed to the journey. Neither are rich people bad and poor people the only group doing it right. A church is only wrong if the message is unbiblical and if they begin to lead their congregants astray. Once we get over these barriers of mega versus small, we can walk forward as a family in Christ in unity shining with truth.

*Please no comments on the article I posted. You can post those comments on the author’s site. On this site, describe the good and bad in a mega church. Be kind. Be loving. Be encouraging.


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