Book Review: Veiled Rose

If you loved Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson, this book will win your heart immediately. The moment I opened the book, it was like I strayed into a dream. A strange dream with so many details that a second reading would bring more information to light.

You don’t know who the bad guy or good guy is in this book. You are lost in the confusion in a good way. I loved the details and the descriptions. I could see this land, that mountain, and the cave. I can follow Rose Red’s movements as if I stood behind a camera and filmed the movie. It’s about a friendship that deepens between a young prince and a maid living in the mountains. It’s about a struggle between good and evil.

Rose Red trusts no one with her secret. She hides in the forest, her face veiled in rags, shunning the company of all save her old father and her nanny goat. Her life is bleak and lonely. Until she meets a privileged young man sent to spend his summer in the mountains. Headstrong young Leo startles everyone by befriending Rose Red, and together they begin searching for the monster rumored to be stalking these lands. But the hunt, which began as a game, holds greater risk than either imagines. Soon both are forced to test their trust in each other as a far more terrifying scourge puts their entire land at risk.

As I got near the end of the book I began to see the Christian message and the lesson Stengl weaves in her words. It’s an excellent novel and one that has earned a permanent place in my library. It’s worth rereading.

Book given by Bethany House Publishers to review.


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