Book Review: The Harvest of Grace

At first, the “Story So Far” page lost me. This is the first book I have read of Cindy Woodsmall’s Ada’s House Novels, and yet I enjoyed it. Sylvia Fisher’s story talks about love, betrayal, family, and feeling left out. It talks about so many issues that I and the readers of my blog can relate to personally. I especially found the secondary character, Cara, relatable.

Her father abandoned her and she went from foster home to foster home, but now he’s back in her life. Cara needs to be accepted into the Old Amish order so she and Ephraim can marry. The Order is telling her to forgive her father. I laughed at that because I know from experience forgiveness is a process. It took me half a lifetime to get over mine. Yet, as Cara gets to know her father and she discovers the answers in the half-truths in her life, she learns to forgive. Sylvia, too, is a character you can fall in love with. She’s strong, independent, and loves the old dairy farm run by the Blanks. She didn’t count on falling in love with their son, Aaron Blank. With two different agendas clashing over the future of the farm, could Aaron and Sylvia reconcile those differences to allow love to bloom?

The Harvest of Grace is abundant with stories of forgiveness, the continuing stories of past editions of The Ada House Novels, and filled with characters you’ll grow attached to through the length of the novel. I believe Christian novels can teach timeless lessons and The Harvest of Grace gently tugs on the issues of today in the background of Amish country.

Book given by Water brook-Multinomah for the purpose of review. This novel will be given away as a door prize at a party so that it may bless someone else.


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