Worry, For a Moment, Holds Me Prisoner

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Worry does nothing more than exacerbate the problem, your emotions, and play with your health. I pass a man every day on the road and put him in God’s hands. I do a drive-by prayer. When I glimpse that man’s face I wonder how he does it every day. How does he find joy in his circumstances? His expression is always set. It’s as if he floats through life; as if he’s given up. Where is the spark? Where’s that smile I remember so well? Where has his zeal gone to and who has stolen it from him? Worry, for a moment, holds me prisoner.

Then, I remember that God is in control. Verses sometimes flit by in my mind during those times. I feel the gentle hand on my heart, whispering loving things. I hand that worry to God and release it. I release it for now and I may not think of him again for another week. But always when I do think of him it is accompanied by a veil of sorrow for the man he has become and the man he has left. Worry knows no distance. It knows no walls and it knows many tears and nail-gnawing moments. But worry does not hold me so tenaciously as it once had, and I can push this one onto God’s lap.

It’s what we have to do with worry. We need to turn worry into prayers and trust Him to handle it. Superheroes exist in comic books only. We are fragile humans and need a God bigger than our problems. God is our superhero who comes, not wearing spandex and a red cape, but with power, holiness, all-seeing, all-knowing, and He comes with love.

And my cup runneth over.

I am not the prisoner anymore, and I want people who are prisoners of sin, of the world, to know God, to know Him as intimately as possible and to trust Him. You can’t know Him by feelings alone, but by His Word. Christ died on the cross and yet we make that cross and His sufferings so small. At times, we think we’re gods. Some religions even think they will become gods because they do not believe in the One who came to save us. Instead of worrying today about this man and others, I will turn that worry to prayers for worry does nothing more than exacerbate the problem, your emotions and play with your health.


4 thoughts on “Worry, For a Moment, Holds Me Prisoner”

  1. “We need to turn worry into prayers and trust Him to handle it.” There is such wisdom in this. I am going to write it in the back of my Bible if you don’t mind, with a note and your name by it! I am a worrier, but like you, I worry less than I used to…He is working on me…..by His grace. Lori


  2. In step With God , Some people bring the Christian life with enthusiasm but quickly become discouraged or confused .

    Perhaps they thought that they would no longer make mistakes or face diffculties. Or maybe they expecred family members and close friends to support their decision and become Christians as well . When adversity comes or these loved ones reject the gospel,new belivers sometimes question whether a life of faith truly works. They wonder if God has abandoned them. Some give up on a relationship with the Father altogether. Important that we know what we can expect when we walk with God .

    What can you and I expect once we trust Jesus as
    Savoior? (1) Fowllowing the pattern of our Savior, we should talk daily to the Lord ,Enjoy his love and seek his guidance( Mark 1:35)

    (2) Especially when you and I make life-changing choices,

    we need direction beyond our understanding.



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