Be Still Time with Daddy

Fifteen minutes.

That’s what I said to God the night before that I would sit down without the distraction of the computer or a book, and be still. It’s not that I don’t talk to Him.  I pray. I move around my day and speak to Him.  I praise Him on the way home and to work. But guilt stole into my world.

I need ‘be still’ time with God. A time to scoot onto His lap and ask Him to tell me a story; to lean into His chest and feel His arms around my soul and rest in Him and His Word; to not try to figure out the whole world or break down the problems or people in my life, but to ‘be still.’

Last weekend, I had ‘be still’ time with Him. I sat down with my Bible and a pad and paper to write—yes, blog—my whitespace, my ‘be still’ time. I wanted to let Him speak to me. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? What could I do better? This blog came from it. My fifteen minutes of ‘be still’ time became an hour. You can’t really put God on a timer. He decides the time.

Beyond blogging, I want to spend more time with Him. I want to learn more about Him. I can’t do that if the world continues to intrude. I have to force it because my Heavenly Daddy is more than someone to schedule or fit in, but someone I love dearly and who loves me.  For the price on the cross, the least I could do is to give Him my life.

How do you spend time with Daddy?



21 thoughts on “Be Still Time with Daddy”

  1. I appreciate your analogy of climbing into His lap and just being still. Sometimes it’s hard to be still, but sometimes it’s exactly the way we need to spend our time with Him.


  2. I think you catch the essence of that whitespace… connecting with Him and learning more about Him. More of Him, less of us. Great Faith Jam post, Nikole.


  3. Sometimes in the evening, after I go to bed, I close my eyes and listen. Sometimes it’s silence; other times, it’s something else.

    Sometimes at any time of day I read something that is so startling and so clear and right, I know I’munexpectedly being spoken to.

    Sometimes in the midst of chaos and turmoil, I hear a word – or perhaps sense a word is more accurate, and my heart is still.


  4. Visiting from Faith Barista. Enjoyed reading your thoughts, and I agree. My word for this year is “listen”, and I am learning more and more that I need to “be still” in order to really listen to God. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. It is SO hard for me to just totally sit still without a laptop or pen or book or Bible or anything…but I need those times too where it’s just me and God. I find that it usually happens most frequently late at night (or early in the morning) when I am in bed and can’t sleep. Then it’s straight me and God.


  6. A lot of the time I’m talking to Daddy on the run. Reading you, I felt such a desire to sit in his arms and rest again. Cuddle time, timeless time. Especially when feeling overwhelmed!
    My post today is a bit weird, so I’m glad to relate to yours!


  7. Nikole, your post is so much like mine for the jam this week. It’s amazing how we can “do” life with God and still miss communicating with Him. Love that you too are crawling into our Father’s lap. Good stuff!


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