Women of Faith: Grace by Sandi Patty (Repost)

This post at Women of Faith’s blog touched me. I hope it will touch you, too, because that’s how I view grace. Sandi Patty is speaking at the Phoenix, AZ Women of Faith “Over The Top” event.

I placed my order and as I waited, I reached for a coffee cup sleeve only to knock all 100+ of them onto the airport floor. I bent over to begin to gather them up. The nice lady handed me my coffee―at which time I dropped it and it exploded all over the same floor. I felt horrible and began to get napkins to sop up the mess. One of the workers came out with a mop and bucket and began to clean up BOTH my messes. Continue reading…


4 thoughts on “Women of Faith: Grace by Sandi Patty (Repost)”

  1. Her story reminds me of what happened to me yesterday.

    Jenna (my daughter) and I were at this field so she could take pictures of cows when the owner came out. I asked him if it was okay, and he said, “Have at it!”

    It was such an affirming blessing, one that I know God says to us too when we want to do his will and delight in his blessings: “Have at it!”


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