Guest Post: Mary De Muth

Author of The Muir House

I had the privilege of praying during the Palm Sunday service at the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference last spring. Afterward, several asked for a copy of my prayer. I wonder if perhaps God is leading me someday to publish the prayers I pray for myself and others. I don’t know. But I’m thankful that God gives us all the ability to communicate with Him so deeply and openly.

This prayer comes straight from my heart as a writer with all the ups and downs of the publication journey encapsulated: pride, joy, jealousy, heartache, God’s sovereignty over it all, fame, dying to dreams. I pray it blesses you today.

A Writer’s Prayer


You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power. Thank You that nothing is too difficult for You.

Forgive us for living in a way that shuns Your power and magnifies our own ability to live in our strength, like practical atheists.

Forgive us for making our appetites and ambitions our god.

Forgive us for forgetting how beautiful and amazing Your people are.

Forgive us for thinking that fame and glory are ours to grasp and cherish.

May we become a knee-worn people, dependent.

May it be that any fame that blows our way becomes a holy platform to sing and herald Your fame.

I pray we would withstand the trial of notoriety, take the last seat, rest in what You’ve done, and honestly rejoice in others’ success.

Forgive us for letting bitterness fester in our hearts.

Dear Jesus, nothing significant happens in kingdom unless death occurs.

Thank You for being our paradoxical example of laying everything down through death.

By an act of our will, with joy, we choose now to die to anything that hinders a deeply connected, passionate relationship with You.

We are Yours.

What we do is Yours.

What we write is Yours.

How we think is Yours.

How we live is Yours.

We love You. We adore You. We need You.


Bio: “I’m a writer, speaker and book mentor who took a long path to publication. Ten years spent in obscurity. Years and miles of unpublished words. I‘m the poster child for Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, where he shares the secret of “genius.” (Here’s the unglamorous truth: Genius comes from 10,000 hours of practice.) So I wrote my 10,000 hours, then started finding success in small venues–regional magazines, a local paper, then national magazines.

Twelve years after I started, an agent signed me, and I sold two books. I’ve currently published twelve books with various publishers. I spent two and a half years church planting in France. And now my family and I are stateside as I continue my writing, speaking and mentoring ministry.

To learn more about me, click here. Or read my interview here. I share the circumstances that brought me to Jesus here on the Testimony page.”



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