Women of Faith: Catherine Richmond (Author of Spring For Susannah)

Guest Post by Catherine Richmond

My coworker Rachel handed me a flyer. “Would you like to go to Women of Faith?”

Would I ever! I’d heard so many wonderful things about the conference, but there had been cross-country meets to cheer on, weddings to attend, children having to be driven to college – you know the drill! This year I had an extra special incentive – I had become a Thomas Nelson author. The talented and delightful Beth Wiseman, author of the Women of Faith novel of the year, had endorsed my book. I held my breath and checked the schedule board; I did not have to work. I turned back to Rachel and cheered. “Yes! I can go!”

The Omaha conference was six weeks before your Phoenix conference. So let me share some thoughts on how to prepare.

  1. Ask someone to go with you who doesn’t go to your church. Rachel coordinated a group from her church, then reached out at work. We race around the hospital, exchanging rushed words about the patient in 369. What a blessing to slow down and worship together!

  2. Wear waterproof mascara. Okay, it doesn’t take much to get me crying. But I challenge anyone to stay dry-eyed watching Katharine Everett’s amazing dramas, listening to Patsy Clairmont’s story about her son’s illness, laughing with Marilyn Meberg, or praising God with an entire arena full of sisters.

  3. Bring snacks. Saturday lunch was scheduled for 12:30, way late for my tummy, and did not – brace yourself! – include any chocolate.

  4. Bring a sweater. And a fan.

  5. Pray for an open heart. Sandy Patty rocked the rafters with “When You Wish Upon A Star,” but my inner grump asked “huh?” Then her message rocked my heart.

  6. Keep praying. When my husband attended Promise Keepers, he came under attack afterwards in those areas the conference addressed. It seemed like Satan jabbed him and asked “Are you really changed? Are you going to follow through? Was it just emotion of the moment?” Women of Faith feels like Miracle-Gro for the soul and you know what happens to plants that growth too quickly – their shallow roots allow them to be ripped out easily. So pray for protection for your new growth, that your roots may grow deep.

  7. If you’ve got diapers to change, homework to check, a fiscal year budget fiasco to untangle, come anyway! With Andy Andrews, Lisa Whelchel, Mandisa, and Amy Grant, you can’t help but be blessed!

Bio: “I was busy raising a family, working as an occupational therapist, and trying to remember where I hid the chocolate, when a song sparked a story within me. The journey to publication has been long, but full of blessings. I couldn’t have done it without ACFW, RWA, and FHL, the inspirational chapter of RWA – and lots of chocolate!” – Cathy Richmond, Spring for Susannah, available now! Contact: CatherineRichmond.com and Twitter.com/WriterCatherine.

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