Book Review: Something Old

Katy Yoder lives a simple, sheltered lifestyle ensconced in the traditions of the Conservative Mennonite church and holds a naive black-and-white worldview.” – Back Cover

At first, the prologue held my attention with some difficulty. Then, the story grabbed hold of me and I finished the book in about two days. The characters fascinated me, especially Katy Yoder.

I could relate to Katy. She holds very tightly to tradition and to her prayer kapp. Her worldview is indeed black-and-white with very little grace. In typical story formula, the woman is always right in women’s fiction and the men are wrong. In Amish fiction, I normally see the men and women portrayed very chaste-like. However, Dianne Christner spins the story that seems a cross between women’s romance and Christian romance. I might even tip-toe over to edgy (though I really hate that word). It’s edgy in a good way.

Katy notices Jake’s tight jeans and how the tool belt hangs over his waist. There’s a physical tension between Katy and Jake complicated only by her own predjudices against him for mistreating her years before. Her father disapproves of Jake. He thinks Jake is wild still and wants Katy to date David as a condition to her moving out on her own with her two best friends. The book becomes quite complicated. The reader can relate to the characters; at least, I can.

Right away, Katy’s black-and-white way of seeing things, her quickness to judge and her lack of grace eventually come out in the book making for an interesting plot as quickly Jake becomes the good guy and Katy the self-righteous and overly pious wrong one. Christner manages to keep the reader totally connected to the characters in spite of the role switching. In the end, I see how the prologue was very necessary. It’s not just a romance story, but a story about friendship, family and traditions. It digs into the controversial issue of the prayer kapp.

All in all, I give it five stars! A friend is borrowing the book, but I am keeping it in my permanent library.

Book was given by the publisher to review.


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