Lesson 2: Why Is This Happening To Me?

My Perspective of Lesson 2: Overcoming Our Fear of Our Family’s Well Being

Joseph developed a solid understanding of God’s character, but it didn’t come easily. He was sold into slavery at age seventeen by his brothers. He was wrongly accused of rape, thrown into prison, and then forgotten by those who promised to help him. Read the verses (Genesis 45:5,7,8; 50:20) that describe his response to his brothers years later…” – Grace Fox, Pg. 7

That day left it’s mark. I remember staring in dumbfounded pain and disbelief. I remember feeling chilled.

Not her! Of all people! Not her! How could she do that to me?

It took months to figure out that she had always been this way. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. The ensuing months brought a wide range of fun emotions. The grief and the depression debilitated me. Sheila Walsh’s book reminded me that I grieved for what I never had, and I thought:

Not me! Why is this happening to me?!

I spent Saturdays that year for months watching several hours of television, drinking coffee, and not moving or engaging with the world. The computer stayed dark and silent, or I would stalk it and read the things I knew I shouldn’t read. It would only cause more pain and yet like watching a car wreck I slowed and rubber-necked.

Joseph had every reason not to get out of bed in the morning. He deserved a pity party or two for the bad things that happened in his life. Instead, he understood God’s word. He knew God’s character. God turned something men meant for evil into something good. All those things happened for a reason. It taught him humility, wisdom, and grace. In the end, he showed his brothers love and mercy. No one bailed him out of his situation.

Hurtful things, Fox says, are a catalyst for growth. If we attempt to bail out our loved ones from their troubles, they will never experience the kind of blessings that God showers on those open to growth. Fox also says that without being allowed to learn from our problems or situations we will instead become self-made and independent of God. Our fears for our loved ones can cause us to bail them out instead of standing back and getting out of God’s way. Joseph’s story is inspirational that way. He depended solely on God. He demonstrated trust in Him.

I learned that overcoming my depression was an intentional step forward everyday, even an effort at times, to not dwell on what I never had growing up. I have found value in my story as it helps other broken people come to terms and move forward, to see God’s goodness and soverignty. Fear would have left me immobile on that couch and in my life.

Read Romans 8:38-39

Question From the Lesson: Recall a situation in which you saw God’s control over the details of your life or in the life of a loved one. Praise God for being soverign in the past. Praise Him because He’ll continue to be so in the future.

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14 thoughts on “Lesson 2: Why Is This Happening To Me?”

  1. Hmm.. where can I start? 🙂 Yes, it is very hard for me to stand back and allow God to work the situation out. But, I’ve learned this the hard way. God’s way is the best because I am just me, simply a child of God. 😉 Thank you for always pouring the good stuff for us, Nikole!


  2. When to help (bail) and when to stand back. Sometimes so hard to know.

    I’ve experienced HIm working some big-time good out of some big-time bad. And in a couple cases, He’s been working a long time.


  3. Thanks for the inspiration Nikole.

    Your post parallels well with my reading about King Nebuchadneezar’s 7 year insanity for not respecting God’s power.

    My reflection on your question goes back to when I was just out of college. I wanted to have the “perfect” relationship, and felt depressed that it just was not happening fast enough. After a couple of years of learning patience, my dog helped me find my future wife. Funny…


  4. Overcoming depression is definitely huge. I’ve been listening the past few days to Family Life Today about depression and its difficulties. Different people in my family deal with it (including myself, at times) and we all need the Lord to help us through it. Thanks for sharing here, Nikole.


  5. I like this, “Hurtful things, Fox says, are a catalyst for growth. If we attempt to bail out our loved ones from their troubles, they will never experience the kind of blessings that God showers on those open to growth.” So true. We want so many times to get the perseverance without the challenging circumstances. The hurt, means God is breaking us, and molding us into the image of his son. That is the joy in the trial! great post!!


  6. You’re right. God does use things in our lives to help others overcome their own obstacles. God draws people to my path who have suffered from anxiety. I overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and I can help others do the same.

    I too have wanted to have pity parties — lots of them. I’m sure I HAVE had many, but one day I decided Jesus didn’t attend those types of parties so I better change my focus. Ha.

    Thank you so much for sharing!




  7. A great reflection for me this morning as I need to stop wondering why this “bad stuff” is happening to me and start rejoicing in the fact that I have a book about to be published.


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