Day 1: Surrendering our Fear

My Perspective: Lesson 1, Moving From Fear to Freedom by Grace Fox

366 verses in scripture mention fear.

I say this just as a picture of a spider creeps into my mind. A spider shows up and I tend to freak out (though not nearly as bad as when I was a child). After years of living on my own I now can throw a book or a shoe at it with some accuracy or use the end of a vacuum hose to suck up its body parts. However, I think Fox goes deeper into our fears than just a simple spider phobia.

Grace Fox address serious fears in the upcoming lessons: (1) Fear for family, (2) Inadequacies, (3) Storms of life, (4) Our future, and (5) Fears of the past. But I’m still thinking about that spider.

Some people make decisions based on their fears. Faces immediately come to mind, including myself. I didn’t, for instance, choose not to move out on my own because I feared having to squish a spider. I moved out in spite of that fear. Apartments provide emergency janitorial services for those occasional wolf spiders that squat in front of my pantry. Then, I married for the right reasons with the side benefit of making him promise to kill spiders for me for the rest of my life. For some, it’s the roses and chocolates women look forward to, but for me--”Honey, go kill that spider!” Fox speaks about four ways to vanquish fear:

      1. Admit fear.
      2. Fill your mind with the truth of Scripture.
      3. God gives us courage in the face of fear.
      4. God’s love gives us courage.

So here I go (deep breath):

      1. I am afraid of spiders. Petrified, actually.
      2. Scripture doesn’t address this illogical fear, but it addresses fear itself.
      3. God’s angels protect me and give me the weapons needed to kill the spider: a book, a vacuum, shampoo, hair spray, etc.
      4. God’s love gives me courage to slam the book on the spider after hours of petrified and inane prattle about HOW to do it.

Fox reminds us by using Psalms 34:4-7, Psalms 103:8,11, and Ephesians 3:17-19 that fear is not godly. It is not trusting in God. She reminds us that in surrendering our shame and suffering to God we will rejoice in the joy and peace of His unfailing love.

Question from this week’s lesson: What things did you fear when you were a child? Has this fear or another caused you to miss a good opportunity or a fun activity with family and friends? If so, describe.

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8 thoughts on “Day 1: Surrendering our Fear”

  1. Not a great fan of spiders here either :). I love that suggestion #2. Since I’ve been working on scripture memorization my mind has found much more peace. It’s amazing.


  2. This looks like a great study! I’m going to have to put it on my “to-do” list. Fear comes in so many forms from spiders to darkness to things that go bump in the night. When I was a child, I was very afraid of the dark. I’m still not crazy about complete black-out, but prayer keeps the panic away. So grateful God is a 24/7 God!


  3. Nikole, I am totally with you on the spider thing. I always have been terrified of them, and telling myself I am killing Charlotte doesn’t seem to help. I know they are artists with their beautiful webs and they kill harmful insects and as long as they stay outside I will leave them alone. Fear has always been my weak point, so maybe I need this book! Lori


  4. I am really trying hard this year to get over some of my fears. I know they don’t honor the Lord… This sounds like it would be a great study for me. Hope you don’t see any spiders today, and if you do, you go get ’em!


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