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It’s not enough to simply thank God for all that He’s provided lately. Today I spent time with Him, reading Scripture, resting in His embrace, and thanking Him for moving through my life in ways that are simply glorious. He provides like He promised in Matthew and I can rest in that promise even as I stretch the budget to allow for a blessing.

I am going to Jerry B. Jenkins’s Writing for the Soul Conference in February!

How many times have I dreamed of going to a writer’s conference? How many moments have I fretted about whether I had it in me to do more than write short stories? I feared writing that novel and being unable to write more than one. How many ideas can one human mind manufacture?  Instead, I have a file of ideas that were impossible to write as short stories and it all began with hope.

I believe now that I can finish even as I am halfway through my first novel, The Rose Door. I am learning more about writing each day and filling my mind with Son light. I have submitted the first 1500 pages of my novel for a thick-skin critique through the Christian Writer’s Guild. A friend is critiquing my novel at Word Weavers and Word Weavers is critiquing my novel, too. I am blessed beyond what I thought was possible. God forgive me for my unbelief.  I am blessed with loving and supportive friends and family! I am blessed with two writers groups: ACFW and Word Weavers.

So I have a lot of work to do in the coming months, including sticking to my daily word count. In that, I am successful. I continue to write short stories and blog to hone my ability and read books to feed the mind.

My head is in the clouds right now. Margaret Daley at an ACFW Saturday mini-conference gave us permission to dream big; to which I added, dream big, but keep reality not too far away. Authors who make it big like J.K. Rowling are rare indeed. I’d be content just to see my work bear fruit whether monetarily or spiritually (both would be nice).

What are your dreams?


6 thoughts on “Within My Grasp”

    1. Thanks! I need the prayers. I just got back a thick skinned review from CWG, and it was good, but it was also highly instructive. Lots of work to do. Not that I expected any less though. LOL.


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! God is the dream giver isn’t he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “What are your dreams?”

    I’m working on it. Sometimes I think I don’t have a dream, but I think that God has been giving me HIS dream of community and sharing His love and Hope and Healing. I think maybe, just maybe I have been living God’s dream and not even realizing it when I help in the recovery classes or share part of my heart with others.


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