Fiction Story: Terrence Versus The Mountain

Terrence fell.

His knee bled.

He tried and fell again.

People pointed out his failure over and over. A root tripped him. He should have seen that rock. He took the wrong path. Terrence should have known better.

One day he stopped trying. He looked at that mountain. It’s peak stayed hidden beneath the gossamer clouds. What was behind them anyway except more rocks and too much snow? He turned his back to the mountain and returned to the village. The villagers all frowned. A chorus of advice followed him for days. He stayed home, whittling dreams on bits of wood, and watching as others trudged up that mountain. They, too, fell, struggled, cried even, but eventually they disappeared into the clouds and returned glowing, happy.

“What’s up there?” Terrence asked one boy.

The boy grinned wide, shook his head, and simply said, “Life.”

That answer didn’t satisfy Terrence. He wanted to know what was up there beyond the clouds. He wanted to know the right path now. Were there any short cuts? Nobody gave any definite answers and he scowled at the wooden figure in his hands watching the boys grow into men and his dreams become like the leaves from the trees that fall and rot on the ground. Terrence began to give up because the mountain had too many dangers, too many obstacles.

“Are you satisfied down here, whittling away on dead wood, and watching all of us go up there?” A girl in the village challenged.

“I don’t know the way up.” Terrence shrugged. “Plus, who cares? I’m too old now and it’s too overwhelming.”

The girl held out her hand.

He ignored it.

She stared at him. “C’mon.”

Terrence blinked. “You want me to come up with you? Why?”

“I believe in you.” The girl whispered.

He grabbed her hand.

“No matter how long it takes don’t let go. No matter how difficult we must keep going. It will be hard, but in the end…” She grinned. “It’s life.”

And the climb skinned his knees, his elbows, and he nearly died at different points of the climb. The girl held firmly to his hand never letting go.

“C’mon…you’re almost there. You can do it.”

And he did do it. He trudged through the snow and entered a world hidden by the gossamer clouds. He looked and looked way across the world. He saw life. He saw possibility. Terrence came back to the village to grunts of, “Finaly!,” and, “Didn’t think you’d ever do it.” He went to his hut and packed his bag.

“Where are you going?” A villager inquired.

“To pursue life.” Terrence left the village and never returned.

Matthew 17:20 He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”


6 thoughts on “Fiction Story: Terrence Versus The Mountain”

  1. Oh how beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. It is easier to go through the scrapes and bruises of life in community and not alone. Often it takes grace and love of community to discover LIFE! And even more it takes Jesus and his love and grace.


  2. Loved.this.

    So many fear coming close to life because it’s hard. Jesus promised to take our hand and never let go, as you showed in your lovely tale!


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