The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Contagious by Monica Sharman

used with permission

To a single dolphin
something happened, some occasion worthy
of rejoicing, and the dolphin
leaped in celebration, taking
off in fluid motion, spinning, letting
water-breezes tickle, tasting
air in arc of soaring.

Soon another dolphin came
to join the celebration,
and their tandem leap drew
a double rainbow
while confetti-drops announced
an open invitation.
Many came; the party multiplied
at every leap, the dolphins all
jumping arches of fireworks
streaming down, dressed
formal and informal.
What’s the party for?
What was the occasion?
Only one had cause
for celebration, yet the others
partied, too, because the one
was reason enough.


“Rejoice with those who rejoice . . .”
(Romans 12:15)

Monica Sharman is a toymaker’s wife and mother of three boys.  A home
educator living in Colorado, she also enjoys reading, writing, editing,
songwriting, poetry, sports, and cooking.  Monica blogs at “Know-Love-Obey
God”( and is also on Twitter (@monicasharman)

…also, I titled it “Contagious” because that’s how dolphins seem to react when just one of them has something to rejoice about.  Instead of being jealous or distant, they just join in the joy (as if they’re living out the Romans verse), no matter what the cause of that one dolphin’s joy.


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