Do You Have A Cold?

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Have you ever had someone look through you?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling like you’re invisible. It’s not hurtful, because you don’t know them. As a writer, I play the ‘what-if’ game dipping into their lives and trying to find the exact moment when they became cold. I do that with everyone. Where’s the trigger that causes an ugly change in someone’s personality?

I watch as they move past me disappearing into the crowd. It’s doubtful we would ever meet. They have children. My husband and I do not have any. Their words, “Let’s find a table that has children,” strengthens the divide. That’s always made it difficult to connect with others, especially women. If you don’t have children enrolled in sports or Vacation Bible School, it’s that much harder to connect with other families. Or some treat you differently because they think you hate children. They think you’re weird.

There must be other couples mingling right now in the crowd who have no children. How can we meet? How can we make a connection? I feel the divide again and wonder uncomfortably how it’s still possible to feel so alienated by a world that believes every couple who marries should have children (even if it’s not God’s will).

I sit down and ponder that couple. They make for interesting characters in a book. I begin to figure out a story and make up the moment that changed her personality. I make up the trigger, but in the back of my mind, I wonder how a person can break through that terrible coldness. There’s too much of it in the world as it is, and the Bible says not to be of the world. It’s a cold without a cure.

Have you ever felt that divide? How did it feel when someone looked through you? Is there a lesson to learn in it?