Words From The Heart


“I was angry at you.” E said.

That’s what is great about our friendship. She can say that without massive repercussions. In fact, I encourage all of my friends to be honest. Perhaps it’s because in the past I’ve watched my mother get offended at every slight and felt too fearful to confront and talk to her for fear of saying the wrong thing; that’s the landmine of our former relationship. Everything exploded on contact.

And it hurt.

My husband and I have a great relationship because when I’ve done something wrong I’ll listen. If he’s done something wrong, he listens. Both of us are quick to apologize and that offense is never mentioned again. Once forgiven, it’s in the past. The same holds true in friendships.

I don’t want people to fear being honest with me. I don’t want my husband to skulk around the house afraid to set me off. I want honesty, words from the heart to wash away the dirt of the present, and begin anew. If Jesus could give us second chances, shouldn’t we bestow upon those around us that same grace?

“It’s okay to be angry at me.” I assure my friend.

You can be angry at me, too. You can tell me anything. I love you and pray for you every day. Your emails will remain confidential. Your comments encourage me. Your readership makes me think of new and fresh topics to write. It gives me pleasure to pray for you and to hear from you. Let’s throw away the darkness in our lives and cleanse our souls with His Word. The past may have broken us, but there’s beauty in brokenness. I’m thankful in that and in the honesty of true friendship.

Do you get offended when your friends get angry at you? How do you diffuse the situation?