A Husband’s Perspective: I Love Baseball

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By Tony Hahn

It’s summer and baseball plays on the television. To me, summer IS baseball, and baseball IS summer. Baseball IS the sounds of summer. The crack of the bat, the thump of a fast ball into the catchers mitt, and the bark of the umpire as he calls a strike. Those are summer sounds to me and that’s why I love baseball.

My wife, Nikki, on the other hand, hates baseball. I never understood why. How could anyone hate baseball? Maybe she just doesn’t understand the game? If I could just explain it to her, she might end up loving it as passionately as I do. Who wouldn’t appreciate a good base on balls? Or a fast double play? Or a walk off home run by the home team? Not Nikki! While I watched a game the other day, she was reading a book on the couch.

Reading a book? That’s like writing a grocery list during the Fourth of July fireworks.

I turned to Nikki and said, “Honey! The bases are loaded, no outs, Justin Upton is up and the count is 3 balls and no strikes!” It’s as if I just said, “Honey! There’s a bug on the floor. Let’s see how long it is before he moves!” That’s okay though. She doesn’t have to like baseball. She loves me, and she loves to see me enjoy a good game. Nikki has a great attitude about letting me monopolize the television during baseball season. I try to have that attitude when she watches one of her cooking shows. My wife loves to cook and is very good at it. She loves a good cooking show. Nikki will watch some chef and turn to me to say, “Honey! Look! He is using a white wine and garlic butter sauce (or something like that).” The rest is blah, blah, blah. Now I’m thinking again.

Bug on the floor.

See how long it takes before he moves.

But I love her and I love to watch her enthusiasm over her shows. So back to baseball…

We are into the second half of the season now. The All Star Break game is soon, then the good part. The run for the Pennant, the dog days of August approaching. I will savor every moment, follow every team, check the daily stats and have hope and faith that my Diamondbacks can go the distance. If I find that they make it to the World Series, I trust my wife will be right next to me as I scream on the edge of my seat waiting for a Diamondbacks victory.


She will be right next to me.

Reading a book.

Does your spouse love baseball? Or is it you?

How obsessive are you about your sports? Describe that moment.

Psalm 37:28 (New International Version) “For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed; the offspring of the wicked will perish.”(Note from the wife: I don’t think God was talking about the Diamondbacks)




13 thoughts on “A Husband’s Perspective: I Love Baseball”

  1. Hi Tony! What an incredibly loving wife you have. 😉 You’ve got a jewel there. I have no interest in baseball, probably because I never played it. But, I wanted to pop in and just rave about your wife, Nikki! 🙂 LOL. Thanks for sharing this in the jam. Nice to “meet” you!


  2. My wife grew up in a baseball-besotted family. She likes the game, but isn’t a fanatic about it, even though she couldn’t help but absorb the stories, the statistics and the magic that is baseball. I grew up in a family that read books, or at least my father and I read books. I was the one my wife brought home to meet the parents. The night I asked her father for his permission to marry his (only) daughter, I waited until the baseball game on TV was over. He knew I wasn’t wild about baseball, but he was impressed with my wisdom.


  3. So cute. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of sports, but gotten into hurling since moving to this country. There is something really contagious about the excitement people around you can have. I’d actually typically be the one reading the book, or yes, watching the cooking show – i bet she likes those pastry show challenges too!

    By the way, best line of the post: “But I love her and I love to watch her enthusiasm over her shows. So back to baseball…” Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Thanks everyone for the comments, I joke with Nikki about going to a D-backs game with me and Bringing a book with her to read. That way Darron Sutten, and Mark Grace, (the play by play guys) will see her and make fun of her on T.V.


  5. I don’t mind baseball, but haven’t watched since moving up to Canada. Gave up basketball too, though we do watch a bit of football now and again, both NFL and CFL. I am blessed that my husband is not a hockey fan, for I fear I would be like Nikki, reading book after book through the long, long season.

    Thanks for sharing how you enjoy each other’s enjoyment! This is love.


  6. Nikki doesn’t love baseball?! Say it isn’t so!! Baseball’s the all-American sport. I’ve always loved watching my son play — from t-ball all the way up to high school – but I have to admit, I’m not crazy about watching it on TV. But going to the stadium and watching it live is fun, fun, fun until the drunk guy behind you spills his beer all over you. But still, I have to agree with Tony. Baseball IS summer. And I miss going to Little League games. 😦 Maybe hubby and I better snag some tickets to our pro team’s (Pittsburgh Pirates) games because they’ve been notching quite a few wins in their belts lately….finally!


  7. Hilarious!
    I always thought, you have to have played baseball to love it. (experience breeds love)
    My daughter is signed up for baseball camp in two weeks. She’s a good hitter but we haven’t taught her anything about the game, just played with friends upon occasion. She’s 10. (I don’t exactly watch baseball on tv, but it’s my favorite of sports and we walk over to watch the local college games when we can.)


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