1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp (Review of sorts)

My perspective on the last chapter and afterword, and review.

Out the kitchen window the sky rolls out. Apple blossoms fill all the orchard. The morning dove warms her bluing hope. I can hear Him, what He is telling the whole world and even me here: this is for you. The lover’s smile in the morning, the child’s laughter down the slide, the elder’s eyes at eventide: this is for you. – Pg. 224

The Shattered pieces of her heart barely hold together and she strays. How do you tell someone that their life is worthy? That God loves them? The cliched phrases and well-meaning hugs and pats on the back do not hold that heart whole. It’s seams tremble. It’s scars bleed tears and anger. Then, a careless love breaks it and the pieces fall. People walk on them. They can’t see the fragile woman fading shy. She’s missing the joy of intimacy with God in trials and good times.

And we’re missing our chance to share Eucharisteo—grace and thanksgiving—with a woman who doesn’t understand, “If God is good, why do bad things happen?” It’s what this book has done to me. It’s opened my eyes to notice and be thankful from the perspective of an author who watched her little sister get crushed by a semi, grief imprison her mother in a psychatric ward; and her brother bury two sons. The beauty that flows like blood in her life has begun to flow through these veins.

I see the threads of silver spider webs dart across a dewy field and thank God for that moment. The blazing orange of sunset bursting between the trunks of pine trees and I thank Him for that sacred moment and many other sacred moments alone and with the man I married and in the company of the friends and family I know and have come to love.

My friend will one day accept that God made her worth it. Meanwhile, my heart weeps for the trials she has all ready endured and for the ones yet to come, and I am grateful for this chance at friendship. You can read, “God is love,” and hear it sung to you in hymns or in scripture, but until you believe it, you make choices based on the lie that you are worthless.

Note: 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp was exceptional! Sadly, I have closed the last chapter. This friend will get my copy. Gifts like this book aren’t meant to gather dust on bookshelves, but to be given to others who want intimacy and freedom in God, to understand how to find joy in tribulation, and to understand scripture in its basic form. The cross is love. God is love. He made us worth it. We should live honoring Him with our choices, wanting to please Him, because isn’t that what we do in our marriages? We love our husbands or wives and wish to please them and see them smile? And how many times has He referred to His relationship with us as a marriage—us as His bride?


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