We Finger Paint At The Same Time

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Once in a while all the blogs on my reader will talk about the same subject. It seems we PMS at the same time sending our loneliness, our pain out into the black space. We’re trying to connect with each other, share our pain, and maybe dispel it, spreading it out like too much paint poured out onto white paper. Maybe if we spread it out thin enough we can see through the paint to the white paper beneath it. Or maybe it’s just paint we move around with our fingers, creating a more complicated situation because we fail to move out of God’s way.  We fail to trust Him to clean up the paint.

Oh, what a mess we create when we attempt to fix it ourselves!

I logged out of my reader. My own pain made reading others’ pain almost unbearable. I forgot the joy as I sat there staring at my computer screen. I forgot that the burden isn’t mine to carry. I remember how many times I have tried to carry them, and I sigh.  It’s time to push away from the computer and step out into the sunlight. It’s time to put away the paints and stop making messes. It’s time to live. It’s time to just breathe in the summer air and thank God for the blessings in my life instead of ruminating about the pain.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love reading your blogs. I love praying over your pain. My fingers dip into your paint and try to find your fingers to link together in joint prayer. But today I am unable to read your pain. My own dark mood grows darker and I must search out the joy again in other activities, in the people in my life, and in the blessings I ignore because my pain hides them. But I will return tomorrow to read about your pain and to pray over you.

Today is a day to be thankful that life is good; people love me; I am the daughter of a King; and of how much I’ve grown in Christ.

Describe something that makes you grateful.


4 thoughts on “We Finger Paint At The Same Time”

  1. “Describe something that makes you grateful.” Alrighty. There’s this young woman I’ve come to know in the strangest way, not in the conventional method of meeting someone face to face and becoming friends through conversations in person with one another, but through a different means of communication. She makes the world a better place by allowing God to use her to speak to others. God plants thoughts of encouragement in her and she shares those thoughts with the world, asking nothing in return. The Lord gently uncovers the difficult experiences she’s had and prompts her to use those times to help others. And she is obedient to Him. She has a special gift and she makes good use of it, for the glory of God and His Kingdom. And I, for one, am grateful for her and the blog which she writes. That person is you, Nikole. May our Lord pour out an abundance of blessings over you today!


  2. Oh….so grateful for the faithful people in my life who stick by me, who I know will always stick by me. Those special ones who know me inside and out and still stand there, arms open wide…..And God, every day giving me enough strength for the day and breaks the dawn in my heart over and over. And you Nikole….for your inspirational posts and unflinching honesty. IT is so refreshing! Lori


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