The Elephant House
Image by funnycat44 via Flickr

The late afternoon light wanes. I glance at my phone and realize that I had just spent the whole afternoon listening and talking to a friend. A layer of foam lay on the bottom of my empty cup. Remnants of caramel stick to the lid. It’s afternoons like these that open my eyes to the never ending possibilities of coffee shops.

Maybe I’ll spend $2-$4 on a cup of coffee, a fancy, or a tea, but I’ll reap the benefits of a low stress day and inspiration. I’ll connect with someone, a new friend, or an old one and leave their companionship a little better off. There’s something about a coffee shop that immediately relaxes me. I don’t know if it’s the sofas, the chairs, or the walls of windows or the small windows facing the creek. I can understand why J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter Series in her favorite coffee shop. There’s something about it that brings me home.

What do you like about your favorite coffee shop? What’s the name of your favorite coffee shop?


2 thoughts on “Reconnecting”

  1. Oh, this is a weak spot with me….and then combine it with a bookstore….simply heavenly. I love them all, even the big chains. They are havens to me, mini vacations. I totally lose track of time…I love the comfy chairs the watching people, the sound of the cappucino maker……


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