What Do I Do? What if I Do It Wrong?

Christians at prayer
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The night before church I stared into the shadows and agonized how to start a prayer walk. Do you just walk in circles thinking beautiful words to God? Do you read scripture around the building?  Do you look pious? What do you say or do on a prayer walk? On the way to church the next morning I prayed and asked God for the right scripture, the right words. He gave me the right words and a good team, but He didn’t have me go on the prayer walk. There were other teams that I led which needed my attention. My Prayer Team did an exceptional job during the prayer walk. I hope that next time I can participate.

May God arise, may his enemies be scattered;
may his foes flee before him.
2 May you blow them away like smoke—
as wax melts before the fire,
may the wicked perish before God.
3 But may the righteous be glad
and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful.

– Psalm 68:1-3 (NIV)


6 thoughts on “What Do I Do? What if I Do It Wrong?”

  1. i think if we start worrying about what to pray we’ve forgotten what prayer really is.


    1. A prayer walk is what a lot of people do. It’s usually led by someone who probably reads scripture and we walk around and pray quietly or aloud to God, and in my case, we walk around a building to pray for everyone in the building, the church, etc. It’s very effective.


  2. There have been times when I have stayed behind to pray covering over those who are walking. We pray and we ask.. then we listen. He is faithful to answer. Then, if we obey, whatever His request we can’t “get it wrong”


    1. True. :o) I am hoping to be able to participate, but it does not look like it. This is all dependent upon the amount of volunteers we get on Sunday whether I can join in the prayer walk.


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