Book Excerpt: No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough

Obama Votes To Let Born Children Die

One of those times was when–as a member of the state legislature of Illinois–he insisted that the members take up the debate over whether a hospital operated by Obama’s own denomination should outlaw the procedure of allowing newborn disabled children to die of starvation and neglect right there in the pediatric wing.

Believing that his future runs at office might be dependent upon the support of certain women’s groups, it was important for Obama not to allow himself to be seen as “weak” on any issue that remotely resembled the question of abortion. Thus, his record on abortion-related issues had to be seen as immovable.

Counter to the vast majority of Americans, Obama moved to the most extreme ground possible, threw down the stake, and claimed the territory. He advocated not merely for the morning-after pill, the use of RU-486, early trimester elective abortion, second-trimester elective abortion, abortions without parental consent, abortions without parental notification, the placement of abortion clinics on school grounds, or even transporting minors across state lines to gain access to abortions not provided in their home state, but he then broke new territory.

Obama supported late-term abortions, also properly referred to as partial-birth abortions. But even that was not enough.

When the issue was brought to a vote of whether or not unwanted disabled children who had been born despite abortion procedures should be allowed to die from starvation, neglect, and a lack of medical care, Barack Obama became the only federally elected officeholder to have ever voted in favor of allowing those children to die. It was on that day that I realized Obama, a big-grinning, shoot-some-hoops kind of guy from Chicago’s South Side, was also a ruthless pragmatist.

If there had been another way that he possibly could have held the endorsement of Planned Parenthood for his U.S. Senate race, perhaps he would not have cast the vote to let born children starve, but the fact that he did spoke volumes about what he would sacrifice to get where he needed to go.

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