Book Review: No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough

I did so not because he was evil personified—I don’t believe him to be. Though in my syndicated writings, I have labeled many of his policies as such. I labeled him “dangerous” because of his effectiveness, his smoothness of tongue, his Kennedy-like quality of looking like a starting point guard who also dates the captain of the cheer squad. He had it all: connections with the powerful black clergy of Chicago’s South Side, the doting wife, beautiful babies, and a smile that could sell three billion boxes of Wheaties. – Pg. Xvii

My husband and I follow Fox News daily whether on the television, through twitter, email, or online. Some of the facts written in here are followed by four pages of notes backing the facts. For those of you for Obama, you’ll like what he says here: I’m not interested in championing the “Republican Message,” for the GOP has disappointed nearly as greatly on some of the issues—particularly economic—as the current administration. What I am committed to in the pages ahead is examining through the lens of unrepentant truth where we are, where we were told we would be by now, and perhaps how we can get there in spite of the crisis we face (pg. Xxv).

The book documents Obama’s rise to celebrity status and his failure to keep his campaign promises. McCullough demonstrates his humility by giving the president a chance to succeed, but his mind was changed as he realized the dangerous policies Obama wished to enact. He thoroughly dissects Obama’s campaign, his choices, his policies and his record. Whether you voted for McCain or Obama, you need to read this to be thoroughly informed as to what values you are voting for when you vote again in 2012. The foreword was written by Governor Mike Huckabee. It’s an unexpected political book and the last chapter will warm your heart.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough”

  1. Sounds like a book my husband and I would both want to read. We are registered Democrats but did not vote for Obama because we were paying attention and he scared us. We try to watch all news but get completely frustrated until we put on Fox…


    1. Good for you! :o) It was a great book, disturbing only because of what Obama is, but informative, too, and the end will warm your heart. Won’t say anymore until you read it. :o)


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