Book Review: Reflecting Him – A Bible Study

An End of a Blog Tour

Reflecting Him changed me. The study added to my character. I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. With my background of having grown up in a cult, I am always leery, checking out the authors, testing their theology before I agree to plant in my brain new information. Time is carefully scheduled for me between work, writing, rest and family time and so what I read must be worth the time I invest in it. I decided to review it, but chose, because of the lack of time provided, to do a longer than ordinary blog tour. I would do a study a week and post a blog about it in the ensuing months.

I began in September, 2010 and am ending now. I remember cautiously turning to the first page not knowing what to expect or whether it would challenge me. I didn’t realize how deeply she would bring me and my readers to God or how she would add to our faith and knowledge. I am handing off the study to a friend and then to our church whole heartily approving of it. I will also keep Reflecting Him as a link on my webpage for people to read through my journey. It was more than I expected like ordering a cup of coffee, but getting a Latte instead.

Thank you, Carla, for your support, unending enthusiasm, love of the Word and your desire to bring people from the status quo to a deeper, more meaningful life in Him.

The whole Reflecting Him package includes the following:

The Reflecting Him Bible Study Book

Reflecting Him Leader’s Guide

Reflecting Him DVD Teaching Series including episodes from Behind the Veil

The CD “An Invitation” by Cindy Vinson


Their newest piece to the puzzle… Reflecting Him Children’s Curriculum! They are so excited about this newest phase.

Reflective Life Ministries


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Reflecting Him – A Bible Study”

  1. You are such a blessing! Tear flow as I read your words. Only through the Lord could this study be in existence. To God be the Glory! He gets the praise. Thank you, Nikki, for staying the course and pressing forward. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I am going to link to this page from my blog this week!

    From My Heart to yours,


    1. Nikki, Like Carla, I had tears well up as I read this review. Thank you so much for the time you took to read and review the book, and the honesty with which you wrote. The fact that you went into the project somewhat hesitantly makes your words even more poignant. Yes, Carla gave us alot to think about. Thank you Lord for showing her the way.


      1. Hello Carla! To God be the Glory most definitly! And thanks…I appreciate you, too, and pray that your study reaches multitudes. Thanks for the link! :o) Let me know if you need me to help push this study. I heartily reccomend it.

        Hello Kitty! You’re welcome…It was a great adventure doing a blog study.


      2. Yes, my friend, whatever you can do to help get the word out about Reflecting Him will help us. Have you seen the first episode to our movie that goes with the study? It is called BEHIND THE VEIL. Each episode has the lesson embedded within the movie. A powerful way to teach and learn. We also are creating a Reflecting Him Children’s Curriculum. This takes it to a whole different level! Thank you for your willingness to help us.


      3. I would have loved to except that my internet is too slow to play a movie without it stopping a cajillion times. However, we are going to get high speed next month, I think. Can’t wait.


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