Taking Notes Sunday: No Inroads?


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“Never in the history of the United States of America has Christianity made such inroads while making so little difference in how people live.” – George Gallup Sr.

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hangs on our doors. Do not disturb our way of life. Do not change how we do things in our life. We seek and want Christ, but we do not welcome the change that He brings into our lives. Let’s go to Sunday School, sign our kids into class, and find the same seat that we’ve always sat and say hello to the same people we are comfortable with, but do not make us move or change our morning routine. Heaven forbid, Christ makes us change the daily routine of our lives. We dare to shout at people to not judge us for the choices we make and yet we shout this same phrase to God as if He doesn’t know our struggles or our motivations for making those choices.

George Gallup Sr. made an excellent point. Immoral living and abortion are just some of the complex issues of our time. Those that read the same Bible as you and I think immoral living and abortion are okay. They can’t back it up with scripture. They use emotion as fuel for their arguments. What about me? What about how I feel?  It’s the heart that matters. Reality check! It’s the heart that persuades with emotion. Emotion deceives. It’s fickle as any woman on her monthly knows.

I wrote this before Sunday’s sermon. His points in the notes went like this: From Genesis 3 till Revelation 20—it’s all about “Rescue 911.”

  • Preach the Good News to the poor.
  • Proclaim the freedom for prisoners.
  • Recovery of sight for the blind.
  • Release the oppressed.
  • Proclaim the Lord’s favor.

We are a Christian nation and yet it seems that we have little to show for it in this generation. Our daily routine and way of life has become our idol. Where have we preached the Good News? Where have we introduced the freedom of Christ to a prisoner trapped in the chains of his choices? How have we pointed the blind to Christ, or have we blindly led the blind?  There are people who claim acceptance of Him who live lives unchallenged by His truth. Are we one of those people?

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