Making Ripples

christian soldiers

Christian bumper stickers and tee-shirts make me wonder sometimes if the people wearing them really love Jesus or are they having a knee-jerk reaction to adversity?  Are they going with the Christian culture?  Or is Jesus nestled in their heart?  Is Jesus a permanent fixture in their soul?  It’s just a question I ask tonight tossed out there like a rock across the surface of the water.  I hope the ripples that come from it spawn deeper questions.

Why am I here?

Why do I serve?

Do I read His Word and keep it in my heart?

Do I have a relationship with Jesus?

That last part makes me pause.  In reading the New Testament, I see references of bride and bride groom.  A relationship with Jesus means He’s a part of my life and so deeply ingrained that it’s impossible not to bring Him up in conversation.  Your thoughts during the day always pause on Him.  A relationship with Him means you spend time with Him, walk with Him, talk with Him, and follow His lead. It even influences your politics, and touches your mind while at work just like the care and thought you have for someone you love.

That’s a relationship.

I’m not doubting or questioning someone’s relationship with Him.  It’s just a question I felt like tossing and seeing what the ripples bring back.  What do you think? Is your relationship on Him based on what He can give you?  Or is your relationship based on love?  Do you know Him?  Or do you only hear or read His Word on Sundays?

Just for the record:  I have a Christian Fish on the back of my car to keep me accountable, a tiny silver cross I wear on occasion to honor Him, and my husband has a Christian tee-shirt that has a Starbucks-like symbol.  I’m not saying having these things are bad in any way.  I’m just asking and causing ripples to see how deeply you can probe your own spirit.  Feel free to share your thoughts.