A cow [15/365]
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At the four-way stop, I cross one crosswalk, and then turning, cross another.  There are vehicles waiting behind each stop sign.  As I am crossing for the last time, a large vehicle begins to crawl forward jutting out into the intersection and effectively blocking all traffic.  He inches forward a little at a time, getting closer to me, and I bite my lip to keep from glaring at him.

How many times have I sat behind that stop sign and watched in frustration as my route became blocked by a driver waiting for a pedestrian to cross?  I can’t understand their hurry.  You wait behind the stop sign while the pedestrian crosses, then you proceed.  This in turn gives other vehicles an exit whose way is clear.  If a pedestrian crosses, it’s not your turn.

I interpreted that person’s actions to say, “I’m more important.  What I have to do is more important.  I deserve to be first. You have to wait until I make the turn.  This pedestrian better move out of my way.” The vehicle drove on the wake of my heels down the road.  I turned my head and stared at his retreating taillights.  The things the human side of me wishes it could do in retaliation for the affront parades through my imagination, but the Christian side of me manages to put out the fire.

They know not what they do.


I repeat this ten times in my head.

They know not what they do.


Were they raised in a barn?


4 thoughts on “Mooooove!”

  1. I had to tell you that God used this posting to answer my prayer. I had been praying about a choice to move offices and whether it was time and your email subject line showed up with the answer!!! SOOOOOO cool!!!

    Thanks for being His hands and typing tool to send me the answer!

    Sweet blessings,


  2. I deal with a 4-way stop on my way to work every day. Today I was there with one other car on the cross street. It was a cop car and I was a little nervous about taking my turn. I wonder what that says about how willing we are to stand up for our ‘rights’ depending on who the audience is?

    To be fair, your large vehicle driver may have been late for something important. Not important enough to smush a pedestrian, though.


    1. It’s been happening way too often at that four-way–people competing to be first. If you make a full stop like you are supposed to, two cars would have gone. Big bullies…LOL.

      I’m always a little nervous when a cop car is on the other end. Self doubt enters and you picture mandatory traffic school and bills not getting paid to pay the ticket. LOL.


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